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People moving into Maryland are sometimes confused by the fact that our state is organized by county rather than having incorporated townships. The excerpted data below is based on the eleven zip codes that make up the West Anne Arundel County area, a subset of Anne Arundel County. 2010 Census Data for the entire county is available at Anne Arundel County, Maryland.

West Anne Arundel County Population 2010 Census

Total Population 145,934
Total Households 51,344
Median Age 33.4
Average Household Income $103,161.08

Demographics Courtesy of the U.S. Census Bureau

Ethnic Diversity

Note: Totals are greater than 100% as 2010 census allowed people to choose more than one race

Pop. By Race
White 59.92%
Black 27.45%
Asian 5.29%
Other 5.81%
Hispanic 6.04%

Households by Income – West Anne Arundel County

2010 Census HH by Income
less than $15,000 4.16%
15,000-24,999 3.67%
25,000-34,999 4.50%
35,000-49,999 9.75%
50,000-74,999 16.76%
75,000-99,999 20.48%
100,000-124,999 15.62%
125,000-149,999 11.82%
150,000 + 13.23%

Household Income – West Anne Arundel County

Average Household Income $103,161.08
Median Household Income $89,590.81
Per Capita Income $37,506.06

Courtesy of the U.S. Census Bureau, 2010 Statistics

Housing Facts - West Anne Arundel County

Total Housing Units 52,910
Owner Occupied (70.0%) 37,028
Renter Occupied (26.8%) 14,191
Vacant (3.0%) 1,565

2010 Census. Courtesy of the U.S. Census Bureau

Educational Attainment

College or Higher 40%
Some College, no degree 26.2%
High School Graduate 24.3%
Below High School 9.5%

Courtesy of the US Census Bureau

Anne Arundel Economic Development Corporation maintains up-to-date statistics, including quarterly economic trends, major employers, and countywide demographics, at AAEDC Facts & Figures.

The daytime population of Fort George G. Meade has a significant impact on our area, but is not included in census figures since many employees commute. For information on employment and residents at Fort Meade, see Fort Meade/BRAC.

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