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Dr. Graw of Righttime Medical Care

Interview with Dr. Graw of Righttime Medical Care for the West Anne Arundel County Chamber Spotlight on Business

Q. When did Righttime start/how long has it been in business?
A. Righttime Medical Care started in December 1989 as Nighttime Pediatrics, with its first location on General’s Highway across from the Annapolis Mall. We changed our name to Righttime Medical Care in 2009 to reflect our extended hours and mission of providing high-quality, timely care for patients of all ages. The original location is still open and recently doubled its size to care for more patients using new technologies that result in shorter wait times. Righttime has nine Care Centers in three counties, four of which are in Anne Arundel County.

Q. What does Righttime do?
A. Righttime provides compassionate, patient-focused medical care for illnesses and injuries. Our Care Centers are open from 7am until midnight every day of the year, and we accept same-day appointments online at or through our Call Center at 1-888-808-6483. Righttime refers patients back to their primary doctors for follow-up care. We then call and email patients after the visit to remind them to see their doctors and to ensure we have given them the best possible care. Patients appreciate our convenience; emergency departments appreciate our taking the burden off them when they are already overcrowded; and insurance companies appreciate our providing access to care at lower fees than those of the hospital.

Q. How did you get into the business and what inspired him to start it?
A. With many mothers starting to work outside the home in the 1980s, there was a lack of medical care in the evenings and on the weekends for the children of working parents.
I organized a group of local, private-practice pediatricians with an interest in helping these parents, and we dedicated ourselves to working outside regular hours.

Q. Do you have a memorable story about Righttime?
A. One New Year’s Eve, several years ago, a 97-year-old patient came in just after midnight with bleeding from his head. Being a pediatrician, it crossed my mind that his age was quite different from my usual patient population, but I also knew I was the best he could get at the time. I went into the room, introduced myself, and found I could easily manage his post-operative bleeding. As he was leaving, the man turned around, hand on the door, and said, “Thank you, this is the best doctor’s visit I’ve ever had.” That one comment validated our commitment to doing our best in seeing patients of all ages. When we see newborns, we reassure worried parents, and when we see seniors who are scared or sick, we can offer them just as much comfort and care.

Q. Why did Righttime join the West County Chamber of Commerce, what you enjoy most about it or how has joining the Chamber impacted business?
A. With the commercial expansion in the BWI corridor, we wanted more people to know about Righttime Medical Care. The return we receive is meeting other business owners and learning about their services. We had also noticed that the West County Chamber is one of the more active community organizations that we’re involved with, and its networking functions and opportunities help facilitate business-to-business partnerships.

Q. What does Righttime strive to accomplish for its patients?
A. We want to ensure that every experience is the best we can possibly give. To accomplish this, Righttime offers patients appointments so they can wait at home. We then establish a connection to send them back for follow-up care with their primary doctors, and provide them with a carefully designed plan of medical care to take care of today’s visit.

Q. Do you have a favorite quote, book, TV show, song, artist, hobby, etc., or anything else he’d like to share to get to know him better?
A. My mantra is, and always will be, that money and medicine don’t mix well. Patients always come first. We care for all people regardless of insurance or ability to pay. That said, I strongly believe good business practices are critical for developing quality medical care that allows for affordable and accessible care for everyone. My favorite television show is ‘Master Class,’ hosted by Oprah Winfrey. It’s a profile of well-known people, from artists to politicians, who discuss the struggles they’ve had in their lives and how they overcome obstacles. I make sure to watch it as often as I can!

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